Monday, March 3, 2014

Zoya Petra

Today I've got one last Zoya to show you out of the three I bought during their January promotion. I reviewed Aurora and Storm earlier if you wanted to take a peek back at those. Petra is definitely the most plain of the three and also the hardest to photograph. It appears much lighter in the bottle than it does on the nail and it turned out to be really tricky to get the camera to pick up the dusty tones of this purple.

Overall I've been really impressed by Zoya. I love the colors I picked from the sale this time and the formulas on the two holos were outstanding. I did have a bit of trouble with Petra. This polish was really thin which made it hard for me to keep it from pooling and get even coats. It may thicken up with time, but either way it wasn't enough of a hassle to prevent me from wearing this one again. I'm a sucker for anything purple and I really love the way Petra looks in real life even though it was hard to capture on film.

Because I don't have many pictures today here's a bonus shot of my cat. He really seems to be enjoying the cloudy weather lately.

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