Friday, February 7, 2014

A Perfect Storm

Last year when Zoya did their New Years promotion where you can get three polishes for free if you pay for shipping I got my first three Zoyas ever. I've been really impressed by their variety of colors and the formulas are outstanding so when they did the promotion again this year I jumped at the chance to get three more for a great price. After looking at hundreds of swatches I finally narrowed it down to my three winners and Storm is the first one I have to show you.

Storm is a black polish with a scattered holo mixed in. The first coat was *almost* opaque enough on its own, but the second made it even more rich and gorgeous. It's really densely packed with holo particles so there's plenty of sparkle. Perfect for a galaxy manicure right? I just might have something like that coming up soon.

The sun really shows off the rainbows. I'm glad I got this picture in last weekend before the clouds and some much needed rain took over.

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