Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doctor Who Tardis Nails

Doctor Who is one of those shows that everyone talks about. Everyone talks about it so much that I was over it before I even gave it a chance. You know how it is... Sometimes people talk things up too much and then you're disappointed because it doesn't live up to the hype. Doctor Who is not that show. I was hooked after one episode and I've never looked back. I'm starting the sixth season now and I'm already dreading the day that my Netflix binge will come to an end. It somehow manages to be funny, sad, relevant, deep and completely silly at the same time. It just might be the pure genius that everyone makes it out to be. I couldn't wait to do another galaxy manicure so I could add a little Tardis swirling through space.

The base for my galaxy is two coats of Zoya's Storm. I sponged on layers of colors focusing on reds and pinks and then I went back and added in a bit of blue to match the Tardis. Galaxy colors include LA Colors in Hottie (neon orange) and Dazzle (metallic pink), Wet n Wild's Red Red and Orly's Teal Unreal. I sponged over the edges with a bit more Storm to blend the galaxy into the background. I hand painted the Tardis using acrylic paint and the stars are LA Colors white done with a dotting tool.

If you watch which Doctor is your favorite? I don't know if I can reasonably decide since I haven't seen them all yet. I'm not sure if that excuse will hold up though when I'm done with the series and still can't pick.

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