Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Skulls

I've got another Valentine's idea for you today. This was pretty easy as far as nail art goes and it's got a bit more attitude than your traditional hearts. Plus I got to use two new polishes. I'll admit I've been on a bit of a buying binge lately so using two untried polishes wins some major points in my mind these days. Is it bad that I'd be completely thrilled if my Valentine's present was more polish?

I just picked up this coral shade, Tangerine Tint by Finger Paints, at my local Sally's and once I got it home I found that it looks very very much like another polish I already have. Still, I have no regrets. It's very bright and cheerful and the formula was really nice. It's not sheer at all and I didn't have any trouble with streaks which I've had in the past with similar shades. I've got on two coats here. On my thumb and pinkie I've got one coat of Finger Paints Frolic In The Snow. I used LA Colors white for the other details. For the marble drag hearts I made a big dot of white with a dotting tool and then drug the tip of a smaller dotting tool through to make a heart-like shape. I used a striping brush for the striped nail. I made the skull by using the brush from the white polish bottle to roughly paint on the shape of the skull, then used a small nail art brush to paint in heart shaped eyes a nose and the teeth.

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