Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lacquer Legion: Adoration

It's Lacquer Legion time again! February's theme is Adoration. My interpretation ended up being a bit literal (the hearts) and figurative since I incorporated so many things I absolutely adore. Both of the polishes I used are my own franken creations. I love frankening more and more each time I do it. It's so fun to think of a perfect polish and then make it happen. If the gold looks familiar that's probably because it's the one I made for my husband in honor of our second anniversary. I added some nail art in this pretty pale blue shade I mixed up to go along with the theme.

Lacquer Legion February Adoration

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The color combination reminds me of antique dishes, another thing I adore. I always joke that my love for dishes is genetic. I think between my mom, my grandma and I we have enough place settings to serve a dinner party of at least 100 people. An addiction to plates takes up a bit more space and money than nail polish though so I don't have that many yet.

Lacquer Legion February Adoration

Lacquer Legion February Adoration

I'm wearing three coats of my franken polish, Golden Nugget. Recently I've been wanting a nail polish in the palest blue shade and hadn't seen any in the stores so I tried making one myself. I think it's actually a bit bluer than I originally wanted but I love it for this manicure plus I can always add more white later. I'm calling this one Blue Bird. It's made up of mostly LA Colors White with a little bit of Wet n Wild Megalast, I Need a Refresh-Mint mixed in.

I drew the tiny thumb heart with a small nail art brush and the dots were made with a dotting tool. For the heart on my ring finger I traced the outline and then colored outside the lines so the base is actually gold and I added the blue on top.

Lacquer Legion February Adoration

 What things besides nail polish do you adore? I'm always curious to hear about other people's collections and/or obsessions. 

Check out #LLAdoration to see what everyone else is loving at the moment.

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