Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dry Marble Swirly Nails

I'm not going to have much to say about these tonight. In case you missed my last post I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online obsessively and I'm pretty sure there's something I need to be killing in the game right now. I've still been trying to make time for fun nails though. Dry marbling is a really quick and easy alternative to water marbling which is perfect for me right now since I've got other things to do :)

Dry marble swirl nails

Dry marble swirl nails

Colors used:
Black base: LA Colors- Circuits
Orange: LA Colors- Hottie
Teal: Spoiled- Distant Memory
Blue: China Glaze- Shower Together
Pink: Spoiled- Fuzzy Dice

After my two coats of black were dry for the base I painted on thick stripes of the colors and some black in between and used a sewing pin to drag the colors into each other, swirling them around. I think some nails turned out better than others due to the consistency of the polish, but it was really fast and easy to do.

Dry marble swirl nails

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