Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Ombre- Purple Pastels

Yesterday I mentioned that I was joining in on an Easter nail art challenge, but I got the title a bit wrong. The challenge is actually called the Spring Renewal Nail Art Challenge hosted by Challenge Your Nail Art. They're a Facebook group dedicated to creating fun and laid back challenges. The admins pick a new theme every month (usually holidays) and anyone can join and do as many or as few of the prompts as they want. If you're interested look them up on Facebook. The theme for today is Pastels, which I almost stuck to. We can just pretend that my pinkie is a very dark shade of pastel purple (and that nudes also somehow count).

Easter Ombre Pastel Purple

Spring Renewal Nail Art Challenge- Challenge Your Nail Art

Easter Ombre Pastel Purple

I stumbled across this combination while arranging my new collection of swatch sticks. I love being able to put the colors in order to see what goes nicely together. 
Colors from thumb to pinkie: 
Ulta- Bare Minimum
Ulta- Set the Nude
Ulta- Vintage Violet
Nuance- Lilac
Finger Paints- Pretty As A Portrait

I'm wearing two coats of each. In keeping with my current theme of "too busy playing ESO, but must paint nails" this is another really easy and quick but cute spring manicure.

Easter Ombre Pastel Purple

Easter Ombre Pastel Purple

More pastel goodness here:

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  1. I love getting new color ideas from looking at my polishes! I love this ombre look, you did a really nice job with the colors complimenting each other. :)