Sunday, April 6, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Nails

It was only a matter of time until my latest obsession, The Elder Scrolls Online, made it onto my nails. It might have happened sooner, but this is one detailed logo and I was scared. I'm a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls already, so I couldn't wait to try out the latest addition to the series. I'm definitely not disappointed so far. The official release was Friday and if they game wasn't so fun I'd be a bit more sorry that it's taking time away from my blogging. I'm going to try to keep up some semblance of my posting schedule, but bear with me if things get quiet for a while. :)

Elder Scrolls Online Logo Nails

There are three alliances in the game you can choose to side with which are represented in the logo. The Aldmeri Dominion (that's me) is the eagle, the Daggerfall Covenant is a lion, and the Ebonheart Pact is represented by the dragon. 

Elder Scrolls Online Logo Nails

I went with a homemade decal to get as much detail as possible for these nails. I started by finding simple image online rather than the fancy 3D one shown above, sized it to about 1x1 inch and printed it out. Next I taped a square of waxed paper over the image and painted a clear coat just a bit larger than the picture. After the clear coat was dry I used Maybelline Color Show, Bold Gold and a very small nail art brush to trace the design. Once the whole thing was dry I chose the placement on my fingers and cut it apart while still on the waxed paper. I peeled off the segments and trimmed the excess clear around the edges and carefully pressed it onto my black base. I finished it off with top coat to smooth out the edges of the decal.

Elder Scrolls Online Logo Nails

Of course I can't resist showing you what I've been up to in the game.

Elder Scrolls Online Screen Shot Cheesemongers Hollow
I'm so bad ass lava doesn't even burn me.

Elder Scrolls Online Screen Shot Lute
Luting.. you know.. in between actual looting.

Elder Scrolls Online Screen Shot Dark Anchor
Watching a Dark Anchor getting sucked back into Oblivion after destroying it.

Elder Scrolls Online Screen Shot Dark Anchor
Pew pew
I decided to go with a wood elf because look at that hair! I also enjoy archery in this type of game and the wood elf makes good use of both the bow and magic so it feels very versatile. I've been having a lot of fun running around exploring on my own and questing with friends. If you happen to play let me know. I'd love to have a few more in game friends!


  1. how on earth do you take such fantastic screenshots? i'm so inadequate!

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  2. Not familiar with the game but I'm totally digging the design!

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