Sunday, November 23, 2014

NYC City Samba Collection- Amazon Green

NYC City Samba Collection Amazon Green Swatch

*This polish was sent for review*
I'm such a perfectionist this entire post is going to drive me crazy. I had a ton of trouble with this polish! I love the color and the other polishes I tried from this collection had really nice formulas, but I had no luck with this one. I think at least part of it was my fault to be fair. I was painting outside in the middle of summer during a mini vacation and it was way too hot. It's not exactly the environment to give a polish its best chance. I'm sorry, Amazon Green. I'm going to try you again sometime when we're both in a better mood to prove that you're not entirely misbehaved (hopefully).

Edit: I just spotted the City Samba collection today at my local Dollar Tree. Even though I had a little trouble with the formula on this one, I picked up a couple of the others I was missing because I enjoyed the line overall.

NYC City Samba Collection Amazon Green Swatch

 I found the formula to be pretty thick and goopy which made application a little tricky. On top of that it has a pearly finish which makes it look a little streaky when dry. As you can also see I had some trouble with that whole drying process. I got some serious bubbling going on, but I think that was more about the hot/humid weather than the polish itself. I'm going to put a little thinner in and see if that helps next time I use this one.

Despite everything I can't help but really want to love this polish.. look how the pearly finish is similar to green milk glass. Did I ever mention my other addiction is antique dishes? I can't hate something that reminds me of old Fire King.

NYC City Samba Collection Amazon Green Swatch

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