Thursday, June 18, 2015

NYC Glitter-splosion Water Marble

NYC Glitter Nail Polish Water Marble NY Princess

Hello there again nail friends. Today I have another review for you. I was sent these polishes as a press sample and what better way to try them all at once than to attempt a water marble. I've never done one with glitter polish before so I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I'd say it was a success.

You can't see it in the pictures because top coat is clear, but I really wanted to try out the NYC top coat, Grand Central Station. I've heard a lot of good things about it, but at $1.99 could it really be as good as my current top coat?

NYC Glitter Nail Polish Water Marble NY Princess

These are the polishes I used in my marble (L-R)- Sea of Diamonds, Ruby Slippers, NY Princess and Fashion Queen. The first three colors have a nice jelly base with different sized glitters in the same color as the jelly. I like that the jelly is fairly opaque because it helps the glitter appear to give fuller coverage in two coats. The gold polish is a denser micro glitter with some slightly larger particles mixed in.

NYC Glitter Nail Polish Water Marble NY Princess

Here's a close-up of the best marbled nail and the purple polish, NY Princess. I'm loving the different sized glitters mixed throughout. I used the gold polish as a base for my marble which I think kind of washed out the colors in my ring finger where the polish was less thick for the marble. I used the decal method, but marbling with glitter is tricky for me so not all the sections came out perfectly.

Now, about the top coat. I went in feeling a bit skeptical. My go-to top coat, Sally Hansen Dries Instantly, is about $6 and dries super quickly and has a hard finish to prevent dents. I wasn't expecting the NYC quick dry to be quite as good at $2, but I was pleasantly surprised. I whacked a nail pretty hard on my desk 5-10 minutes after top coat application and I got a slight dent in the surface that I was easily able to smooth out. I've had plenty of moments of dread where I check my polish after a bump only to find the layers peeled back, especially using some of the less effective fast dry top coats. I've used Grand Central Station for a couple of manicures so far and I'm really happy with it. I'm still curious to see how it will behave when I get to the bottom half of the bottle. I have a lot of trouble with my SH getting goopy and leaving a lot of bubbles when it gets old. Since NYC dried about the same in time and hardness I think I'll be making the switch if it means I can save $4 on a product that I use A LOT of.

NYC Glitter Nail Polish Water Marble NY Princess

Once I've gotten through a full bottle of the NYC top coat I'll do a follow up review to tell how it stacks up against a few of the others I've tried. If you've tried it before what do you think?

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