Monday, June 1, 2015

30 Days of Colour: Blogger's Choice- Vertical Neon Gradient

China Glaze Electric Nights Collection Vertical Gradient Neon

Today's post brings the 30 Days of Colour Challenge to a close. I'm a day late because my book club manicure was "due" on the same day and I didn't want to overwhelm anyone (myself) by posting twice in the same day. The last day of the challenge is blogger's choice so I'm posting this one that I painted a while back. I love this manicure and I've been waiting so long to post it since it didn't fit in with any of the prompts very well. I've done several other manicures using the Electric Nights collection from China Glaze like my other neon gradient and this water marble pedicure, the blobicure and the water marble nails to match the pedicure. I have a feeling I'm not quite done with these polishes yet either. I may or may not have another pedicure that I already did (to match the blobicure nails) and then I stamped over this one... I'm so addicted to these bright colors that I can't stop using them.

China Glaze Electric Nights Collection Vertical Gradient Neon

I'm still not really great at gradients but practice makes perfect. I think I've been improving somewhat. From purple to red here are the colors I used: Plur-ple, UV Meant To Be, Treble Maker, Daisy Know My Name?, Home Sweet House Music and Red-y To Rave.

China Glaze Electric Nights Collection Vertical Gradient Neon

Is there anything these polishes can't do? I've tried so many different manicures, but if there's anything else you'd like to see let me know!

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