Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush: Oy-ster it Up!

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Oy-Ster It Up! Swatch

Exciting news, I think. I've quit my job and am headed to Oregon to find a new one (hopefully quickly). It's slightly terrifying to be unemployed for the first time in ten years, but I'm also happy to be finally doing what I've dreamed of for the last fifteen. I've always loved the greener states above the enormous soul crushing oven that is CA. It's just too bad I'm taking the heat wave with me. 

Since I'm crossing my fingers for tons of interviews I'll be doing some super boring job hunt appropriate nails to post in the coming weeks. As much as I know you all want to see tons of subdued manicures right in the middle of summer, send some good vibes my way for finding gainful employment ASAP. 

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Oy-Ster It Up! Swatch

This is the second Sally Hansen Pearl Crush polish I have to show you. I received both as samples for review. I love the look of these polishes. The ginormous glitters and shimmery finish just work for me.  While I found the formula on Clam Digger (the purple/black shade I swatched earlier) to be quite nice and easy to work with, this one, Oy-ster it Up!, was a bit more tricky. I found myself really having to fish to get the glitters out. The base was still a nice consistency, but I had to use 3 coats (vs 1 of the other shade) to get the glitter coverage I wanted. 

This pink shimmery shade is really delicate and pretty and I felt very girly wearing it. I think it could possibly even pass for an interview polish until the iridescent glitters catch the light. It is a bit sheer. I don't mind seeing the nail line, but if you do there are so many options for base colors. 

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Oy-Ster It Up! Swatch

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