Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crunchy Leaves Get Saran Wrapped

Here's another update on a previous manicure. I used the saran wrap technique over my crunchy leaves nails to change up the look. I should have taken pictures of my right hand. I picked five different colors to layer over the base to see which ones looked the best. These two were my favorites, but some of the other combinations came out pretty cool too.

The base is two coats of LA Colors, Sunkissed. I used Orly, Rage which is a beautiful rose gold for the two fingers and thumb and Revlon Top Speed, Ocean for the accent nails. I painted a thick coat of the two new colors on one nail at a time then used a small square of balled up saran wrap to dab off areas of the polish to show the color underneath. I really love how it all looks together. Sometimes, for a second or two, I wonder why I need to buy so much new polish when I have gorgeous colors like these hidden away in the depths of my helmer.

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