Saturday, November 2, 2013

Franken: Black Holes and Starry Skies

The other night while I was supposed to be sleeping I was thinking about nail polish again as usual and I realized I've never seen a polish with gold and black glitter. In my half awake state it sounded awesome so I set out to make one. Not too bad for my third franken attempt. Over the black base I think it looks a bit like a very starry sky on a dark night.

I wanted to see how my creation would look over both black and gold, but I assumed for some reason I'd like gold best so I only painted two fingers on my "off" had with black to test it and my entire left hand in gold. I ended up liking the black best so you get to see my elusive right hand today. I really liked the contrast and I think the holo sparkles showed up better over the black. Which way do you like best?

Keep reading to see what this polish is made of + more pictures.

I started with an empty mini bottle and filled it about 1/4 full with clear polish. I continued with 1/4 each of LA Colors, Deluxe; Sally Hansen, Golden Rule and Spoiled, Champagne Siren (all pictured above). I added in 2 scoops of Fantasy Makers Confetti which is a fine holo glitter (so excited I was able to pick this one up from the Wet n Wild display this Halloween). I also added 2 scoops of super fine craft glitter that I got at Michaels in black and gold. The black glitter was too small and really didn't show up much so I added in 3 or 4 scoops of the larger black glitter (also from Michaels) as well. The big black glitters had a hard time coming off the brush unfortunately so I ended up just sprinkling them over my tacky nails to get more glitter coverage. The formula of the polish itself was really nice. I've got two coats on for these pictures and the coverage of the smaller glitters was great.


  1. You go on witcho bad self and those frankens! Lol, it looks great! Especially for it only being a 3rd attempt :)

    1. I think about you every time I make one. :) It's so fun, but I'm starting to see how slippery the slope is. I could make them so much better if I just had more supplies...