Saturday, November 9, 2013

Foiled! More Experiments with Nail Foils

It's been a while since my last foil manicure and I thought it was past time to bring them out again. This time I played around by painting on the foil glue in random patterns and sticking the foil to. It looks a bit like liquid metal like you'd get from a soldering iron. The base was so shimmery I think it almost takes away from the foil designs. I like the idea a lot so I'm sure I'll try it again with a plain base to see if it makes more of an impact.

I had to get some pictures of the base by itself. This is one of the Kelly polishes I picked up in Thailand for 50 cents and well worth the money. Aside from the extra horrendous smell the formula is great and I has this on for an entire week with only minimal tip wear. That's pretty impressive. This polish is almost like foil itself- so incredibly shimmery shiny.

I painted on two coats of my base and when it was dry used a small nail art brush to paint the foil glue on in swirly patterns. It disappears as it dries so I had to paint quickly to make sure all the lines were filled in. Once the glue was tacky I pressed the foil down on top to transfer it onto my patters. This foil is Smoky Silver from Dollar Nail Art

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