Monday, November 18, 2013

Kiss Gradation Polish Kit: Now With 100% More Stamping

I've added some stamping to my last manicure (the Kiss Gradation Polishes kit I got from Influenster) to spice it up a little. You know you might be a nail art addict when a gradient seems so plain your nails almost feel naked. I'm trying very hard to overcome my fear of wearing only one color at a time. I have two posts coming up where I'm only wearing one solitary color... and then of course the corresponding posts where I've covered it all up with fabulous multicolored nail art.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-203 for the stamp with Victoria's Secret, Game On, which is a nice rich purple creme. I think the polish was opaque enough, but I had a really hard time getting a good stamp off this plate. No matter what angle I tried I kept scraping off too much polish so some of the images aren't as clear as they should have been. I think I'll be in the "practicing" stage of my stamping career forever. At least it's fun even if it doesn't look perfect. :)

Also, see what I mean when I mentioned the tip wear on this polish in my last post? This was done just a day or two later and I already had some serious wear.

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