Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Laid-Back 31 DC- Favorite Color Family

Guess what? It's purple again! I was so sad to take off my last color, but at least I got to replace it with more purple. I didn't really have any ideas about what I wanted to do for this challenge so I just got out all my purples and started painting.

I got to try two new polishes that the husband picked up for me for Valentine's day. How sweet is that? He bought me polish and picked out great colors. I think I'll keep him.

I started by painting a coat of Pure Ice, Purple Rain. It probably could have used two coats, but covered pretty well in one and I figured I'd be painting over most of it up anyway. The lavender glitter is Pure Ice, Darkside. The dark purple on my middle finger is Victoria's Secret, Game On. The pinky dots are Spoiled, Checkin' Into Rehab, and the accents on the thumb are Zoya, Julieanne.
I love how the middle finger looks like flames. It was mostly an accident (pinstripes gone wrong) but I think I'll have to paint a full manicure like this soon.
Here's another look at what's coming up later in the challenge. 

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