Sunday, February 24, 2013

Laid-Back 31 DC: Ombre or Skittle

Today's theme is ombre or skittle. Even though skittle manicures are one of my favorite things I decided to go with an ombre since I've never done one before.

I was tempted to do a purple ombre, but since there's been so much purple around here lately I decided to go with shades of teal instead. The middle finger looks a lot more turquoise here than it does in real life, but I think it all still blends pretty nicely. I was surprised I had this many different teal-like polishes. Considering that blue is one of my least favorite colors it's crazy how much I love all the not quite blue colors.

What I used from darkest to lightest:
Sinful Colors- Calypso
Petites- Corduroy
China Glaze- Shower Together
Spoiled- Distant Memory
Ulta- Mint Condition



  1. I love how simple but still put together manis like this look. Looks great :)

  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad you guys are liking it.

  3. I love this look, I've got to try it soon. My problem is finding colors that fit together.

    Since I enjoy your blog so much, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! *hugs*