Sunday, February 10, 2013

Laid-Back 31 DC: Gold

Day three of the challenge has snuck up on me! I've been away from home for work the last few days. I thought I'd have a bit of time to do my nails in the evenings, but we haven't gotten back to the hotel until 9:00 the last four nights in a row. I've had some very exhausting days to be sure, but I didn't want to get behind on the challenge so here are my gold nails, and they're even still on time!

My first thought on this challenge was to get out all the gold things I have. Then of course to stick them all on my nails at the same time. The result? Gold Skittles!

For the base I used Nina Ultra Pro, Big Spender then one at a time I painted on a second coat and stuck on the decorations. The thumb and pinkie got a dusting of craft glitter I found at Michael's a while back. It was about $6 for a pack of 16 different colors. The index finger has bar rhinestones that came in a pack bought on Amazon. The middle finger has holographic hex glitters that came in a pack of little vials with different colored and shaped glitters that I found at the Dollar Store. That's also where I found the little vials of micro beads used on my ring finger.

These pictures are before top coat. I had read somewhere that some of the cheaper micro beads can bleed color when top coated. These were definitely cheap and did bleed, but I was surprised to notice that the hex glitters also bled some of their color. Luckily with the gold base it's not really noticeable at all.

Sorry this last picture is so dark. It's just one of the hazards of trying to take decent pictures in a hotel room, I guess. I really like how these last two pictures show the shape of the bar rhinestones. They're just like tiny bars of gold!


  1. So glitzy and glamorous! I just love gold nails :)

  2. i love these! never mind the cheap micro beads, the ones I got from Ciaté were real bleeders, and those that didnt bleed lost their colour after a few hours wear :( shame!

    also, not sure if you've been nominated already but I nominated you for a Liebster, just incase :) xx

    1. Thanks Rachael! I really appreciate your nomination. I'm happy to say that my cheap micro beads made it though a few days of work that was really rough on my hands. I lost a few hex glitters, but no beads came off. The color that didn't bleed stayed until I took them off today.