Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 5: Flying

Zubat, I choose you! Said no one ever after going into any cave. Poor Zubat. He gets a bad reputation, but he's really pretty cute. He just wants to snuggle your face... With his fangs. No big deal right?

For my week 5 flying Pokemon I painted Zubat on my thumb. The other fingers represent his wings except my middle finger which shows a close up of Zubat about to attack.

I'm still away from home and don't remember the names of all these polishes, but if you want to know something just let me know and I can update it later.

Check here to see what everyone else did this week:


  1. i love these they're sooooooooo cute!

    like many others I was not a fan of Zubat for making me take ages through caves! but hes cute on your nails :D x

  2. I hate caves as well, and it really makes me hate zubat. They pop up every 5 seconds, so annoying!!! And you don't get much exp if you beat it.... But your nail art design is cool! Your zubat is so perfect! :) I love the background colour, which nail polish is it?

  3. awww this is awesome, I love your Zubat nails! I do like zubat even if their are way too many in the video games and I get sick of trying to fight them :P