Friday, February 15, 2013

Pokemon Challenge Week 4: Bug

I'm officially a week late for week four, but better late than never. I chose Butterfree for my bug type Pokemon. Butterfree is such a cutie, I thought there would be a few more of him this week, but it looks like everyone picked something different.

I was home for a total of two days before heading back out on the road again so things like picture quality and my ability to remember what polishes I used are a bit lacking again.

In my attempt to catch up I put my week 5 flying Pokemon on my left hand and Butterfree from week 4 on my right so this was all done left handed. Not too bad for being painted wrong handed.

Here's everyone else's bug Pokemon:


  1. this is so pretty, did you get to keep them on long? I would've been gutted to take them off!

    I love your little path nails showing where he's flown as well :)

    1. I still have them on right now so it's been two days now. They're coming off today. Blue is actually my least favorite color to wear so even though these turned out great I won't have to feel too sad to take them off.